Monday, January 8, 2007

What rulebook?

Lightening didn't strike twice for the Jackets this weekend. Despite a huge thriller of a win at Anaheim, Columbus couldn't repeat that success in San Jose.

Losing 5-2 against the league's #2 team, Jacket fans have reason to be up in arms about the failure of on-ice officials to know the rulebook. As chronicled in this article in the Dispatch, the officials managing the penalty box made a detrimental error that allowed Clowe to score a power play goal when play should have been 4 on 4. Clowe went on to score a third as well.

The wrong-doing was that the wrong player and time remaining on the penalty were used following a San Jose powerplay goal.

The Jackets captains and coaching staff inquired immediately about the penalty box error. The incident was apparent to any avid hockey follower, fan, or player. On the inquiry, the response the Jackets received was that the wrong player was released from the box because of "a new rule."It was a lie to cover a blunder, that quite possibly cost the Jackets the game.

The Jackets are particularly susceptible to falling into a funk when down a goal or when dealt a tough blow from officials. No doubt, this error could have cost them the game.

Jackets lose 5-2
Box Score

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