Thursday, January 4, 2007

Cheli's Chili too hot to handle

For those of you concerned with hockey retirement planning setting up a sports restaurant in Detroit may not be the best idea. There was an incident at Chris Chelios' bar on Tuesday. Two employees of the restaurant called "Cheli's Chili" were stabbed to death.

Chelios himself was not involved, and didn't appear to be anywhere near the chili at the time of the crime.

According the Detroit Free Press, a suspect has been charged with the murders. The Red Wings are currently on a road trip, but the 78 year old defenseman (ok, so he's 40 something) stayed behind to take care of related matters.

Apparently, Cheli's sports bar is the perennial New Year's Eve hangout for the Red Wings, who did celebrate at that location two days before the double homicide.

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