Wednesday, January 3, 2007

The Chris Quinn - Brady Quinn race to riches

Most of us are pretty familiar with Brady Quinn. The Dublin Coffman graduate is the quarterback for Notre Dame, a two time Heisman finalist and the Out magazine posterboy. What you may not (or you might, whatever) remember is his unrelated co-Coffmanite who also went to Notre Dame.

Chris Quinn, who is once again unrelated to the aforementioned Brady, also went to Notre Dame and starred on their basketball team. His college career was less successful, which is to say he didn't even almost win any national championships, but he has no less made his way to the next level. It was brought to my attention just yesterday that he plays for the Miami Heat. Go figure.

I attended Dublin Coffman at the same time as the two Quinns. I knew who both of them were, as they were obviously athletic stars. Brady led the football team pretty deep into the state playoffs and Chris' play on the court filled the stands pretty well for every game. I had a class or two with Chris as well, but I always thought he was a jerk with funny ears. He used to rub in the fact that he was being aggressively recruited by colleges. I remember a few times in 11th grade American Lit where he would bring in collegiate scholarship letters, open them during class, then toss them in the trash on the way out. Can't help but resent that a little.

Anyhow, the kid is making over $1 million between 06 and 07. I bet when Brady goes in the first round of the NFL draft (maybe first overall... Oakland does get the first pick, and lord knows they need some offense) he'll make even more, but I no reason to think little of Brady.


Drew said...

Oh man... you're a Coffmanite?!? I went to Hilliard, back when it was just Hilliard.

I suppose we can still be friends, since you are a CBJ fan.

Just kidding. It's interesting to see people you knew/know turn into professional athletes. I went to school with Mike Furrey of the Detroit Lions. I remember him as a pretty nice guy (we sat next to each other in band in middle school), and it's good to see him doing well.

Brandon said...

I went to high school with former OSU Women's basketball player LaToya Turner (Pickerington High School, now Central). They hired her dad as a hall monitor to make her eligible to play. They had a pretty nice house for living on a hall monitor's salary (or hourly wage).


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