Thursday, January 25, 2007

All-Star Game a bust blast

I went over to Yoder's place last night to watch the All-Star game. Going into it, I was prepared for disappointment. After the minimal 'street cred' the NHL gets, I didn't think there would be much fanfare.

I was wrong, and I'm happy about that. The All-Star game was actually quite entertaining. The players donned their new style uniforms for the first time, and I thought they looked pretty cool. A little less traditional, a little more 21st century. I didn't have a problem with the old unis, but I'm cool with the change.

The game was great. The whole thing went down as you'd expect. The players showed off their passing and shooting skills with minimal contact, but the game was fast paced and there was always a plethora of on-ice activity. My favorite part of the contest was when the hosts in the booth had a conversation with Marty Turco while he was playing the game. Marty seems like a charismatic guy, and he was chatting away as he stacked the pads and played the puck. Itwas something that I've never seen before in any sporting event.

During the game, footage was aired of the other events going on during the week and I was impressed. Dallas truly rolled out the red carpet for the NHL stars and inflated the game to more of a spectacle than I thought was coming. Despite the national media not really embracing the week's events, it seemed like the locals put on quite a show.

Nash was a stud for the whole game. His first goal was taken away and given to another player (ain't that the jackets' luck) but his next two goals and two assists were his. It was a great way to represent our team. We need Nash to play like that in Nationwide too.

In all, the All-Star game was a great display of the game of hockey. Yeah, it wasn't very physical, but the players and fans alike were smiling, and the spirit of the game transcended though the tv... even if it was on Versus.

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