Thursday, January 18, 2007

Aw, c'mon... Nashville AGAIN?

That's pretty much what I said when my phone dinged at me to let me know there was a jackets game on tonight. Columbus has struggled against the Tennessee team in every meeting this season. (except the first preseason game). In the regular season, the jackets have been outscored 18-8 by the preds, and have lost each and every game. Things need to pick up for the Jackets though. This struggling January doesn't sit well with me, despite a satisfying late win in Chicago on Tuesday. Maybe the Jackets can use the All-Star break to get their bearings and make a good run toward the playoffs in February.

According to the internet signage, it's 70's night at the Gaylord. Maybe the Jackets can use it to crank up a Disco Fever! Yeah, that's the ticket. I imagine it will all look something like this:

Ok, or maybe not at all. But I needed to find an excuse to embed this clip. I love this movie. It's from Airplane! for you non-slapstick connoisseurs.

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