Tuesday, January 16, 2007

And just like that, the Preds take two from the Jackets


A rough Friday and Saturday for Jacket fans as the team loses back-to-back games against the Nashville Predators. The Jackets are winless against the 'rival' Preds this season, raising the record between the two to what, 0-4?

I don't like to use injuries as an excuse, but c'mon, the Jackets are a struggling team when they're 110% healthy, and to take out so many of our stars at the same time is rubbing salt in the wound. Regardless, the Jackets should have been a little sharper on the skates and a little more accurate with the sticks. This CBJ squad is starting to fall back into old pre-Hitch habits. I remember what happens when this team gets down on itself and loses game after game... and it's not pretty.

Tonight the Jackets are in Chi-town to face the 'hawks. Chicago has struggled this season as well, but is current riding the central division in 3rd place with 40 pts, 3 ahead of the Jackets. That makes for a CBJ opportunity to take a step up the basement stairs. We may have some of our stars back, so there's definitely a chance.

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