Thursday, February 8, 2007

Jackets v. Flames tonight at Nationwide

Jacket are home tonight against Calgary, and it should be a tough match. Calgary is up on Columbus in the season series and have done a number on our players. They play a tough game and will certainly pose a serious threat to the Blue Jacket defense. In their last encounter, during the CBJ road trip last week, Calgary boasted a 6-2 win. Let's hope they can't repeat that kind of success. I'm off to the arena.

Army of the Ohio has some nice pregame coverage that also details a few other storylines circulating the Jackets' locker room this week. Hitch supposedly has rallied the troops before tonight's game as well, so let's hope they're at full charge. After Tuesday's humiliating defeat, we need all the rebound strength we can get.

Go Jackets!

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