Friday, February 23, 2007

Carter Traded

Well, the news we've all been expecting. Anson Carter was traded today to the Hurricanes for a 5th round pick in the '08 draft. Now, I expected Carter to be on the trading block, but that means that MacLean has made another boneheaded move...He paid $2.5 mil for 54 games from a 3rd line winger that scored 10 goals and 17 assists. Did I mention a fifth round pick in '08: "With the 165th pick in the draft, the Blue Jackets select some guy I've never heard of from some little ass town in Canada" What a deal! Tyler headlined a post earlier "All players 50% off" more like 75%.

And just like that the dude from Cool Runnings has come and gone, I guess it really was the Sedin twins making him look that good


Brandon said...

ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME?!?!? A 5th round pick in 2008? I sure hope the Sydney Crosby factory is spitting out 200 units that year or I will lose it. MacLean is undeniably the worst general manager in the history of professional sports. He got lucky with the Modin/Norrena for Denis trade. How are the "experts" not calling him out on this? This is like elementary school recess when a 5th grader talks a 2nd grader into trading a Roger Clemens card for an extra milk at lunch. Dougie couldn't have held out for that extra milk?

Tyler said...

An absolutely awful, awful trade. NHL picks aren't worth a whole lot to begin with, and a fifth round is certainly bottom of the barrel. What was MacLean thinking? He couldn't get a warm body in exchange for Carter? Or a trade this year, or better than 5th round? What a crock.

Drew said...

On one hand, I'm in total agreement with you guys. It is incredibly distressing to see a $2.5 million man go for a fifth rounder.

On the other hand, given his performance this year and the fact that he couldn't crack the top two lines for most of the season, what exactly do you think is going to compel any GM in the league to give up more than that? 10-17-27 is not a line that inspires someone to give up warm bodies. It's a line that tells GM's that Doug MacLean is in an incredibly unenviable position.

don't get me wrong, Doug screwed up, but it wasn't yesterday. It was back in September when he signed Carter for $2.5 million dollars. If (big if) the Jackets made the playoffs this year, there would have been a chance that Carter would have stayed. But signing a guy like that to a one year deal (and at least $800k more than the asking price) was asking for trouble. When Carter ended up with a subpar 3/4 of the season, Doug was left to accept a fifth-rounder (or something comparable) to get rid of him now, or nothing if he stayed until April.

Yes, it sucks. But it still boils down to MacLean overpaying for talent, which if anyone is paying attention is becoming a big-time theme.

Brandon said...

Maybe Doug can get us an assistant equipment guy for Federov. It's surprising he hasn't tried posting our wingers on Craigslist. I would pay good money to see him on Deal or No Deal.

Howie Mandel: "Doug, you have top top 10 amounts of money left in the cases, the dealer is offering $10"

Doug: "DEAL!!!!"


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