Monday, February 26, 2007

American Idol and Keith Tkachuk Have More in Common Than You Think

Hello to all you Jackets and NHL fans, my name is Dan Griffin (jackets time handle: sports723) and I am the sports director for a Jackets radio station affiliate. I have been asked to contribute to this blog and seeing that News Radio is at commercial, I agreed.

Paula Abdul must be a huge fan of the Western Conference's Central Division ( it will always be the Norris to me, darn you Gary Bettman) because opposites attract when looking at this mess of a division. You have NHL front runner in Nashville, who if they can get consistent goal keeping from the ever streaky Vokoun, are a legit cup contender now that they have added Forsberg to play along side Kariya in what might be the wussiest yet most fearful line in the whole NHL. Detroit's grit and combination of youth and veteran talent always makes them fearful in the playoffs (provided they get out of the first round). Then you have yearly bottom dwellers in Columbus, Chicago and St. Louis.

The Jackets as we all know have begun cleaning house, trading Anson Carter for nothing and his dreadlocks for a fifth round pick. Chicago seemingly has no game plan as no NHL team in their right mind would take the massive contract of the formerly good Nikoli Khabibulin and the often injured Adrian Aucoin. St. Louis however has begun the massive exodus of their fading stars. The Blues traded aging vet Keith Tkachuk to Atlanta for a first-round draft pick and a third-round selection this year, and a second-round choice in 2008. If the Thrashers re-sign Keith, the Thrashers must also send St.Louis the rights to their 2008 first round pick.

Now, if this were 1998, I would applaud the move by Atlanta. But since Seinfeld is only in reruns and Jordan Knight just gave me my potato ole at my local Taco John's, I'm going to guess that its 2007. Atlanta now thinks they are legit title contenders. Being only one point behind Tampa Bay for the 3rd seed overall and the South East Division lead, I can understand this. But trading for a 34 year old winger with only 43 points in 61 games doesnt make much sense. Especially with Marian Hossa being an elite winger to play along side Kovalchuk, it would make more sense to trade for a second line center to compliment Bobby Holik (especially since he has just 28 points this year).

But what do I know, Im just a sports director. Look for the Central's cellar dwellers to continue to sell before the deadline, these teams do have talent that can help a contender.

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Drew said...

Tkachuk will be centering the top line for Atlanta, and last night won 10 of 14 faceoffs in his Thrasher debut.

Playing with noted scorers (and good puckhandlers) such as Hossa and Kovalchuk, Tkachuk completes a good puck possession line with size, speed, and skill. The wingers can flit around the edges while big bad Keith Tkachunk can park his big butt in front of the net and do what he does best.

Do I think they overpaid? Yes, but it's hard to use that as an argument when Don Waddell admitted as much. Do I think it's a bad move? No way. I don't see Atlanta hoisting the Cup, but I think Tkachuk gives them a better chance than Smolinski.

And Jordan Knight??? That is more like 1989 than 1998. Yes, I had to look that up. :)


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