Thursday, May 24, 2007

Another International Cup Affair

For the third season in a row, NHL players and fans are going to have to clear customs when traveling between the teams' cities.

Ottawa and Anaheim have made the final cut and are ready to win the cup. On one hand, you have Anaheim, who played in the finals just a few years ago, but did not win. On the other, Canada's capital team hasn't taken home the cup since the Charleston was popular.

Two superb teams have made the final round and the games should not disappoint. I picked Ottawa to win in the conference finals and I'm picking them to win again. Anaheim will put up a strong fight, and their defense may make the difference in the series. Ottawa will need to hold nothing back and find a way to neutralize Pronger and Niedermayer to get the edge.

Anaheim's biggest asset is Teemu Selanne, at whom I shake my fist. (I still resent his unnecessary last second empty net goal in Nationwide, but I respect the story of his hat trick this season.) Selanne will be playing in his first ever Stanley Cup Final in his almost 20 seasons in the league. It's telling enough that the guy was selected by the Winnipeg Jets eight years before they moved to Phoenix.

Ottawa's most important weapon is the trident of Alfredsson, Spezza, and Heatley. Those guys are a thrill to watch on the ice. If Anaheim's defense can't slow them down, they'll run up the score quick.

Jacket Times prediction: Ottawa in 6. Anaheim plays incredibly well at home so Ottawa won't be able to steal more than a win or two on the road.

And here's how to do the Charleston:

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sports723 said...

I prefer the lindy hop, 25 skidoo, twenty-fiiiiive.