Saturday, April 7, 2007

To Go or not To Go... that is the question.

I'm debating whether or not to attend tonight's FANtastic FANale VI at Nationwide. I'm really torn. The Jackets are hosting the Ducks in what is quite a meaningless affair. Anaheim is securely in the playoffs, and the Jackets are far, far from it. This game could quickly turn ugly, particularly if Teemu Selanne feels like rubbing it in again with a last second (literally) empty netter.

If I stay home, with my NHL Center Ice package, which is surprisingly free, I can watch whatever is going on in the whole league. Particularly, I'd like to tune into the Toronto - Montreal game. The winner goes to the playoffs, and the loser goes home. I'd also get a chance to see the Panthers play Carolina, which would let me view what I believe to be the last remaining teams that I haven't seen this season.

At Nationwide, the stands will be pretty packed and I'll likely have to scalp tickets to get seats. We would be present for yet another John McConnell "I'm sorry" speech, and we'd witness a handful of fans be rewarded with some game worn jerseys. It's be the last time for months that I'd get to see my team take the ice. But barring a very public firing of Doug MacLean, would I really be missing anything? I've poured more of my cash and time into this team this year than any prior, and I really haven't received much return on that investment.

It'll be a to-the-wire decision, no doubt. Check back tomorrow and we'll see what happens. Also coming this week will be the season in review, including our picks for Jackets MVP.

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Brandon said...

I am really glad that I went last night. Even though the team sucks, they are my team. I am going to miss seeing them play. It was a spirited game last night for the first 7 minutes and the last 10.

I am looking forward to being at the draft in July and seeing our team lace up next season. Hopefully I can make it out to a couple of the pre-season practices at the Ice Haus. But the last time I did that, Nash got that high ankle sprain that kept him out of the first half of last season. I blame myself. Sorry guys.

Either way, I am glad to see Norrena finish over .500. I think he has earned the starting job to begin next season. He carried this team on his back quite a few times this year. He may not be the sexy pick from a front office perspective, but he's a very solid netminder and you know what you're getting night in and night out. Leclaire is very streaky. One night he'll look like the Boulin wall, the next he'll look like he took too many tips from Marc Denis.