Thursday, May 17, 2007

Columbus not the only Ohio city to sport Blue Jackets

I learned something today.

The mascot name "Blue Jackets" is also used by another Ohio sports organization- New Riegel high school. New Riegel, which sounds more like a star than a city, is located in Seneca County.

Not Ohio-Geography savvy? It's near Tiffin.

Ok, ok, north of Columbus.

Not handy with a map? Try "up".

Anyway, the website I found doesn't have an image of their mascot, but judging from this picture of a rock that I did find, it seems to be an anchor- which is neither blue nor a jacket. I couldn't find anything explaining this perplexing inconsistency on their school district website, though I did find their school lunch menu. Yum.

Oh, and Congrats to New Riegel Seniors! You did it!


Robert Hogan said...

Bluejacket is slang for a sailor in the navy. It comes from the color of their coats.

channelmarker said...

I graduated from New Riegel and the previous comment is correct!!
It is a tiny little school. My graduating class had only 40 students!