Friday, March 23, 2007

Why Sergei Fedorov is my Hero - Part 2

Amid a "chorus of boos", ya-boy Sergei Fedorov, won last night's game in Detroit. In a shootout that entailed three additional rounds of one-on-one, Sergei stepped up and won the game against his former team and city. (I missed the game due to my NCAA Tourney attention, but thanks to frequent commenter Brandon for bringing it to my attention.)

The CBJ squad has had its ups and downs in recent days. We've witnessed a big win against Chicago, a deke past Detroit, and unfortunately, a new NHL record for most times being shut out. The team continues to battle, however, and I hope they're taking every opportunity to work out the kinks so that they can be ready for next season.

I realize I've been on hiatus lately- it's March Madness, and I have apparently gone March Mad. Speaking of which, how about 'dem Bucks? UT tried to put up that last two-pointer, but Greg Oden said, "No Way."

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Brandon said...

Three great moments in Columbus sports went down last night. 1) Oden's block to end the Bucks game 2) Nash's penalty shot goal 3) Federov showing that he truly is a leader on this team. The way the entire team mawled him after that clinching goal was great to see. It really seems that this team has galvanized (feel free to look that one up) around Feds. His unselfishness to help the team by going back to the blueline and almost political post-game interview makes him (in my opinion) a perfect candidate to captain this team when and if Adam Foote is dealt this offseason.