Monday, March 5, 2007

Jackets Win 2 Road Games in a Row: Gretzky Throws Clipboard

If you're like many CBJ fans, knowing the team is out of the playoff picture is pretty discouraging to tuning in for the games. However, if you took that attitude this past weekend, you missed out.

The Jackets went on a two game stomp of the south, beating the Stars 3-2 in a shutout, then topping Phoenix 4-3. The shootout victory, a rare occurance for the Jackets came just days (or hours?) after this article in the Dispatch described Hitch's new practice of holding shootout try-outs for the team in an effort to always have the best, hottest shooters leading the overtime charge- not the go-to shooters of Nash, Vyborny, and Zherdev. I never found any follow-up of this tryout system, but let's just say that it was Chimera who fired the winning shoot-out goal to topple the Stars on Friday.

Saturday's game in Phoenix was a fantastic display of skill by the entire CBJ roster. Brian Boucher had his first start for Columbus, despite not yet having proper CBJ goalie gear. He had a few troubles staying in position and gave up far too many rebounds, but the Jackets prevailed.

Perhaps one of the more noteworthy moments from this game occurred just seconds from the final horn. With approximately three seconds left to play, the teams went to a face-off in the neutral zone. Phoenix Coyotes Head Coach Wayne Gretzky disagreed with the call and believed the face-off should have been held in Columbus ice, thereby giving the Coyotes a last second attempt at a 6 on 5 play, and a potential game-tying goal. Gretzky through a fit, yelling some choice four letter words at the refs and throwing his clipboard. He caused such a scene that there was serious potential for him to be called on a delay of game penalty. The penalty was not issued, however, and the Jackets easily held on to win the game.


Brandon said...

We always play great after we're relieved of the pressure of making those pesky playoffs. Let's keep winning and screw up our draft chances.

Drew said...

Why was that face-off moved outside the zone? It was stopped by Boucher, yet the face-off was not in the defensive zone.

Did I miss a rule, somewhere?

Tyler said...

I don't know why the faceoff was moved. I thought I remember there being a reason while I was watching the game, but none of the accounts I've read online today talk about that at all... and I checked both Columbus and Phoenix sources.

truefluke said...

As far as the officials go...I think you'd have to have pretty big cojones to tell Gretzky your reasons for where the faceoff is, disagreeing with Him! (Hockey manifested!) ;)