Saturday, March 10, 2007

SI and YouTube Present: Five of the Worst NHL Hits

Sports Illustrated doing exactly what they do best, illustrating sports, has posted an online slideshow of ten of the most infamous hits in the NHL. Being that only provides photos, I took it upon myself of rounding up a few of them on YouTube. So here they are in all their glory horror.

Cam Janssen hits Thomas Kaberle. This happened last week.

Chris Neil hits Chris Drury, leading to the "Buffalo Brawl". This clip happened before the segment posted on the prior post regarding this incident.

Marty McSorley nails Donald Brashear's head with his stick.

Dale Hunter drills Pierre Turgeon after he scores a goal in the 1993 Playoffs.

And the one I hate the most... Todd Bertuzzi attacking Steve Moore. This clip gets me fired up... this hit isn't hockey at all. It's a malicious assault.


Anonymous said...

to whom it may concern.
The hit on steve moore was by no means excuseable but you really need to get off of bertuzzi. im not a bertuzzi fan, i use my senses to do what is right. if moore's injuries were less serious it would have turned into a brawl a few times and it would have been forgotten. however being the fact that moore incured a broken neck during the insuing DOGPILE just after the bertuzzi hit. This is ofcourse a very disputed point of view, however i cannont concieve gettign a broken neck from just a punch i dont not discount it completly. i am saddened that this event took place but as they say "the show must go on" and seems to be a fitting theme for this post

Anonymous said...

Bertuzzi should not ever have been let back into the league. It was a terrible cheap shot. He stalked him around the ice and once he turned his back mugged him. It was one of the sickest things I have ever seen. Moore will never play hockey again and neither should Bertuzzi!