Monday, March 12, 2007

Tied for 25th Place: It could be worse... Right?

Yeah, yeah, the Jackets are out of playoff contention. We know this, and unfortunately it's a realization we've all made. Being out of the playoff race only relatively recently became official, yet many of us felt it coming as far back as November.

But it's worth checking in on point totals anyway, just to see where the team stands against the NHL.

Here's your up-to-today NHL point totals, courtesy of the Dispatch. I'm only doing the top 6 and the bottom 6- Just enough to include Columbus and note our divisional competition.

1. Nashville - 98pts
2. Detroit - 95pts
2. Anaheim - 95pts
4. Buffalo - 93pts
5. New Jersey- 92pts
6. Vancouver- 87pts
25. Columbus - 61pts
25. Chicago - 61pts
27. Washington-60pts
28. Phoenix - 57pts
28. Los Angeles-57pts
30. Philadelphia-49pts

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