Monday, April 16, 2007


Last night featured another amazing game between the Stars and Canucks, once again going into overtime. After being shutout for 5 straight periods dating back to game 2, the Canucks got the equalizer early from Jan Bulis into the third period off a beautiful rebound. Again, I sensed overtime and wondered if Versus would get its head out of its ass and show us the extra frames. They did. And again, the Canucks won it off a Taylor Piatt (who?) one-timer. Thankfully, that game-winner took just 7 minutes, not 77. TAKE THAT Step-by-Step! Urkel was funnier anyway.

Also, interesting aside from my previous posting on the ineptitude of one Versus network Do us all a favor and sell the NHL back to ESPN for a penny, or a loon or a scheckle or a ruble or whatever interesting piece of change that you want. (NOTE: learned from that Albany Times Letter to the Editor, damn they are smart in the Empire State's Capital.)Not only did that Pilates commercial feature Frank from Step-By-Step but also by former NHL'er Pat Verbeek, who interestingly enough won his first Stanley Cup with.... the Dallas Stars. ( I know I guessed Kevin Bacon too) Also, looks like I was off...way off on that Flames prediction, just hope they can make it a series

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