Friday, October 27, 2006

Jackets acquire D Ryan Caldwell

Yesterday the Jackets acquired Ryan Caldwell (pictured) from the New York Islanders in exchange for Eric Boguniecki. This prompts the question: "We had Eric Boguniecki?"

I only remember Bogunieki for playing on the lesser lines of the St. Louis Blues and for being a 58 overall rated player in one of my NHL playstation games. Nonetheless he played 38 games for Pittsburgh last season, scoring 11 points and a -2 rating. Not too bad for a 05-06 Penguin.

More importantly, Caldwell is a young guy who is only two seasons removed from the University of Denver. He played both at Bridgeport (AHL) and played two games this season for the Islanders with no points, no penalties, and a -2 rating.
Maybe Caldwell will breathe some new life into the Columbus defense.

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