Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Ice Professionals, no doubt.

Attendees to Jackets home games this season will have witnessed a new feature on the ice. Not new players, not new intermission activities, but a new ice maintenance team. One that's a little... well... more exciting?

This season, the Pepsi Corp. has sponsored the Mountain Dew Ice Crew. (pictured) This crack team of highly qualified, expertly trained individuals has arrived to make sure the ice is in peak condition for NHL play. Also found in their job description: Eye Candy.

The Ice Crew is an addition to the now veteran Pepsi Power Patrol that is responisble for the distribution of t-shirts and fan excitement. I must say, being a member of the Power Patrol would be a dream job. Not simply for the obvious opportunity of attending all home games, nor for the co-workers. I just want to play with one of those T-shirt cannons. Just think of all the non-clothing items you could launch with that thing...
Here's a link to some more information including their individual profiles.

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