Thursday, October 26, 2006

Herbstreit is a Jackets Fan, Corso looking for Stinger's head

I was just watching the Virginia Tech - Clemson game on ESPN. Naturally, my favorite Buckeye quarterback-come-sportscaster is co-anchoring the event. At the halftime break the studio anchor announced some hockey news. The following conversation ensued (paraphrased, of course):

Other sportscaster in booth: "Do you still follow hockey Kirk?"
Herbstreit: "Yeah, I love hockey. But my team is terrible."
Other guy: "Who's your team? Columbus?"
Herbstreit: "The Blue Jackets. They're terrible though. They play with no emotion, no enthusiasm and no drive."

There you have it. Kirk Herbstreit is a Jackets fan. Not too surprising, I suppose- I know he lives somewhere in the Columbus area. Maybe if the jackets ever get a winning record we can get the Gameday crew to broadcast from Nationwide. Lee Corso could put Stinger's head on... and all those crazy fans in the back could hold up rediculous signs insulting the cast. "Puck Corso!"?

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