Thursday, November 30, 2006

Where are they now: Lyle Odelein

In this new segment, we'll look at where Blue Jacket alumni are now.

Our first alumnus: Lyle Odelein (D)

Odelein was on the original Jackets roster and played through most of the 01-02 season. He was traded to the Blackhawks for Jaroslav Spacek. Odelein posted a career worst -28 rating with the jackets in 01-02, a far cry from his career best of +35 from his 92-93 season with Montreal. Odelein also served as one of the Jackets' first captains.

Odelein was active in the league through last season. He bounced from the hawks to the stars and panthers before finishing out last season with Pittsburgh. Best I can tell, he retired somewhere between mid last season and the beginning of 06-07.

Odelein is remembered a tough and scrappy defenseman, who stuck up for any of his teammates. I distinctly remember Lyle throwing punches several times. He always had a facefull of characteristic bruises or a black eye.

More Odelein stats are available at the hockey database.

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